help make the CRINOID Iowa's State Fossil

The Iowa Legislature will soon be considering a bill

(Senate Joint Resolution 2001)

to designate the CRINOID as Iowa's State Fossil
what is a crinoid??

Crinoids are animals, a class of Echinoderms that first appeared on Earth about 500 million years ago.
They have two forms, sea lilies, stalked forms attached to the sea floor, and the feather stars, which are free-living.

structure of a crinoid

a well-preserved fossil
crinoid from Iowa

Crinoids look like plants, but they are animals
they can Swim and Crawl

click on video to view movie
of swimming feather star

click on video to view movie
of crawling sea lily

Images of living Feather Stars, Sea Lilies,
and other Echinoderms

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to view pictures
of feather stars

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of sea lilies

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of other Echinoderms

Images of Iowa's World Famous Crinoids
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Le Grand crinoids

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click for images of
Gilmore City crinoids

why should the CRINOID be
Iowa's State Fossil

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"why crinoids should be Iowa's State Fossil?"

This is Floyd the 'Noid (crinoid)
the Mascot for the Iowa State Fossil Bill

click the image to see a copy of
Senate Joint Resolution 2001
rock slab
with Gilmore City

how to find and contact your Iowa Legislator

for additional information on
Crinoids - Iowa State Fossil
Ray Anderson

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other State's Fossils?

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